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Avoid an Expensive Surprise

Big Banks and Ontario mortgage lenders understand very well that the main thing customers look for in a mortgage is their rate. 

So as online shopping for the best mortgage rates Ontario becomes more popular and intensive, some lenders have gradually added more expensive catches and costly ‘special conditions’ into the fine print of the mortgage. 

These mortgage fine-print catches are carefully designed so that the lender can offer a lower online rate, which attracts the borrower, but then can cost the borrower thousands more than they would expect, over the long term. In other words, these lenders attempt to make up their profitability – and then some – in a very strategic, and more complicated way later in time when the borrower is no longer mortgage rate shopping. 

Ironically, often the more trusted the mortgage lender brand may be, the easier it is for a Bank or mortgage lender to get away with these expensive fine print catches. Interestingly it is some of the lesser-known Ontario lenders that offer the best combination of rate and fine print. 

At Altrua, we quote you the best mortgage rates Ontario online along with excellent fine print that works for you, not against you over time.

Even lower rates but with more restrictive fine print/ terms and conditions are available on request. 

Ontario Mortgage Rate Monitoring and Optimization

As market conditions change and opportunities come up, leading investment advisors will help to ensure that their clients earn the best return over time. This involves constantly monitoring the economy and markets so that their client’s investment portfolio performance can be optimized to perform at its best.

Similarly, as leading Mortgage Brokers in Ontario, we closely monitor Ontario mortgage rates to help optimize your mortgage savings over the years. At Altrua Financial we have a strong understanding of the economic forces behind mortgage rate changes and are ahead of these rate changes to offer you the money-saving advice over the life of your mortgage.

Optimizing Before Closing

  • Get signed up for our Rate Watch program – regular discount and promotional rate updates that pertain to your unique application.
  • Once your mortgage application is lender approved, we continue to proactively watch rates and if they fall, we will reduce your rate before you close the mortgage.
  • This provides the assurance and peace of mind of the best Ontario mortgage rate approval, but it does not lock you in or commit you – so if rates fall, you save more.

Optimizing After Closing

  • After your mortgage closes, our unique systems continue to proactively monitor your mortgage. There is no additional work on your part.
  • We monitor various mortgage features such as rate type (fixed or variable), maturity date, lender and the rate itself – looking out for the best opportunities to save you more on your specific mortgage.
  • When we do find an opportunity, we present you the numbers in a straight forward, concrete way that will help make your continued savings painless. 

In an Ontario lender market that is so often obsessed on selling or closing the next mortgage deal, or even worse – hiding long-term savings opportunities to serve their own best interest, at Altrua we specialize in providing a game-changing client focused service to help our clients save even more than expected over time.

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Mortgage Rates in Ontario

Ontario is Canada’s largest province by population, that over 16 Million people currently call home. Here we will look at the Ontario Economy and Housing Market and will provide commentary on how both are likely to progress throughout 2020 and the years beyond. We will also see how mortgage rates in Ontario will play a role.

The Ontario Economy and the Best Variable Mortgage Rates Ontario

Ontario is an economic powerhouse of Canada, contributing to approximately 37% of the National GDP, and calling home to about 50% of all employment in financial services, high tech, and other knowledge-based industries. 

More specifically, the service sector makes up 78% of Ontario’s economy, whereas manufacturing has shrunk to make up approximately 12% of the economy. Ontario’s economy has indeed made a transition from /Manufacturing to services over the last two decades. With this said, Manufacturing is a driver for other parts of the economy. Specifically, Ontario’s main exports are:

  • Motor Vehicles: 35.3%
  • Mechanical equipment: 10.1%
  • Precious metals/ stones: 9.8%
  • Plastic products 3.6%

This diversity in the economy is excellent, and low Ontario interest rates will help to fuel the growth of this diverse economy for years to come. 

As we deal with the fallout of COVID, and the best variable mortgage rates Ontario we have seen in history will help both consumers and businesses (with commercial mortgages) weather the economic conditions of this unique time in history. 

We believe that we are entering not just a trend, but an era of intensely low mortgage rates in Ontario that will help to provide balance to the market and economy as we return to the diverse and thriving economy in Ontario, that it is meant to be.

Best 5 year Fixed Mortgage Rates Ontario and the Housing Market in 2020

Will housing prices plunge amongst COVID? Is it worth getting into the housing market in Ontario, or upgrading a home in Ontario now? 

The answers here are fairly straight forward, but at the same time as diverse as the Ontario housing market itself.

The best 5 year fixed mortgage rates Ontario will play a significant role in helping to provide peace of mind and stability to the Ontario housing market, 

Housing Market and Mortgage Ontario Mortgages Toronto

According to Re/Max, sales are down in the City, and there are many more listings in July 2020 as there are buyers. In other words, it is a buyers market currently.

With this said, we believe that given the City’s international economic strength and diversity, that after the aftermath of COVID subsides, the housing market will grow and prosper as a leading hub for international immigration and talent.

Housing Market and Mortgage Rates GTA

: Cities such as Hamilton, Guelph, Barrie, and Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge are witnessing an increase in sale prices. This is because it is now easier for many employees to work from home. While remaining within an hour’s drive or so of Toronto, it makes sense for many to purchase where prices are lower – or in other words, more property can be purchased than for the same price in Toronto. 

So we are seeing a disbursement of equity, where values in Toronto may be lower temporality, however, the values of homes in Cities surrounding Toronto continue to see high demand.

The Housing Market and Mortgage Interest Rates Ontario, in the Broader Ontario Regions

Areas such as Huntsville, Windsor, London, Chatham, Thunder Bay, and Sudbury that are not as connected to Toronto will likely see steady housing prices in 2020.

These regions are not as attractive for Toronto employees to live in due to the distance from their head office, but in a good way, do not attract the same kind of speculative real estate investors that Toronto, or near GTA cities can attract. Where there are speculators, values can fluctuate more substantially. 

Mainly, these other areas of Ontario should likely see stable housing prices as people who live here love their homes and their City or Town, and are not likely to put their home up for sale due to COVID.

The Best Mortgage Rates in Cities Across Ontario