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Kitchener Mortgage Broker - Brent Richardson

Brent Richardson

Principal Mortgage Broker/ Owner (Lic. # M08006143), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), BA (Hons.)

Altrua Financial Inc. FSCO #13005

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  • Over 14 years of experience between a Major Bank and Mortgage Broker.
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  • Certified Financial Planning  (CFP) designation which enables him to establish unique, ongoing relationships with clients that emphasize wealth creation through consistent mortgage interest and cost management.

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Ontario Mortgage Rate Update

In an age of COVID mortgage rates in Ontario are set to remain low for years to come. But beyond the ultra-low, sub 2% rates that we are expecting over the next two years,  perhaps more significantly, we are in a longer-term ‘era’ of low mortgage rates Ontario. This is because as more debt enters the economy, it becomes harder for the government to increase rates.

For example, if there was $1,000 of debt in the economy, then a 1% increase in rate would not make too much difference. However, if there is $100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) of debt in an economy, then a 1% increase will have a major, major impact. Higher rates would reduce free cash flow in the economy more substantially, and stall GDP growth and inflation.

So beyond a short term housing market and economic boost that we are seeing in Ontario, as a result of the best mortgage rates of all time, we are setting up for a long term trend of lower rates.

How do we best play this low Rate trend?

  • If you are buying, renewing or refinancing consider a fixed-rate mortgage if the rate is below 2%. This will set you up nicely for the long term.
  • If you are less risk-averse, you may consider a variable rate mortgage. There are several interesting strategies available to take advantage of the lower variable rate now, for excellent gains over the long term. Connect with us at Altrua for strategic advice on variable rates.
  • If your mortgage is set to renew within 2 years , you may consider an early renewal if rates start to trick up before your renewal date. The goal would be to minimize your penalty so that the net savings of a new lower rate mortgage would be substantial.
  • Typically, the closer you are to the end of a fixed-rate mortgage term, the lower your penalty will be. This especially applies to the last year of a fixed rate mortgage. Variable-rate mortgages can usually be switched out of any time subject to a 3 month interest penalty.

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