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London, Ontario

The City of London in Ontario, Canada is the largest municipality in the Southwestern part of the region and is located roughly halfway between Toronto, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. In 2016, the city’s population was recorded at 383,822.

Following the Great Recession, the manufacturing industry lost much of its strength, causing the city to transition its focus toward technology. London is now a regional centre for both the education and healthcare industries. It is the home of the University of Western Ontario and a number of reputable hospitals and research centres, including London’s largest employer, the London Health Sciences Centre.

As local mortgage professionals, our team at WE are aware of the large commercial and residential developments that are currently progressing throughout London, and we are here to help you take advantage of them. With London’s vibrant culture of festivals, music, art and theatre, and it’s close proximity to Toronto and it’s own international airport, it is a great place to search for your dream home.

Top 10 Reasons To Get a Mortgage

And Own Property In London Ontario

10. Location, Location, Location…

London is situated strategically along highway 401 which accommodates $1.5 Billion in trade every single day and enjoys access to over 150 million consumers within a day’s drive.  With lower land costs and a strategic economic location – this is an ideal location for manufacturing and warehousing and continues to benefit from excellent growth in these areas. YOUR dedicated mortgage brokers London is also located in a handy downtown location on York St. for easy access. However most if not all of our work can be completed very securely over he phone and email. Contact us today!

9. Canada’s ‘Kind Community’

According to City research – over 60% of Londoners volunteer every year and contribute almost $700 million of value to charities and other causes. This helps to provide an overall sense of contentment and community in the area.

Check out the volunteer scene! http://www.pillarnonprofit.ca/volunteer

8. Economic Diversity in London

The economy of London is growing with the help of medical research, information technology, manufacturing sectors, and biotechnology. The research in biotechnology is supported by the University of Western Ontario, contributing $1.5 billion to the economy annually. There are several major corporate headquarters in London from diverse and growing industries like Banking, Advanced Manufacturing, and High Technology. Large international companies are continuously seeking local investment due to abundant and low-cost development land.

London Economic Development: http://www.ledc.com/

7. Excellent Property Value

Purchasers can expect to pay about $100,000 less for properties than in Toronto commuter cities. For example, the average sale price in Guelph is $376,995 and in London is $256,443. There is a wide selection of neighborhood styles from nationally award winning old Victorian to modern, to downtown condo living. Connect with your London Mortgage Broker for more information on purchasing, refinancing or investing in a local property.



6. Emerging Public Transit

The City is home to a vast public transit system that is about to get a $380 million overhaul to help create more upscale and time efficient travel while reducing traffic congestion. This type of infrastructure is formally recognized as needed to help support future economic and population growth.

Check out the Transit Hype: http://www.lfpress.com/2015/05/22/city-hall-is-recommending-a-pair-of-corridors-to-serve-as-the-spines-of-londons-proposed-rapid-transit-system

5. Excellent Health Care

London is a centre for leading healthcare research and innovation, enjoying some of the top healthcare facilities in Canada. There is plenty of available space with top-tier Physicians and three major General hospitals including University Hospital and Kings College Hospital which contain several specialization treatment facilities.


4. Higher Education

The University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College are two of the top schools in Canada in several fields from Medicine to Business and Education. The combined full-time student population for higher education is about 50,000. This provides significant stable public sector employment and a steady stream of knowledge capital, many graduates of whom will settle here and gain local employment.



3. Community City!

When Buying a property and getting a mortgage through a London mortgage broker, residents are offered an endless array of community activities, events and festivals. Rock the Park, Caribana, and the Western Fair are just a few of the popular ones. Check out the sophisticated Orchestra London, and several top museums for education and enjoyment.


2. Housing Market Growth

Home sales increase by 25% in October 2015 from the same period last year.  And with lower housing prices than in many other Cities in Canada, London has a historically stable and growing housing market which makes it a great place to a mortgage and buy for the long term.


1. Lowest Mortgage Rates

With mortgage rates at historical all time lows, there has never been a better time to purchase, refinance or invest in London real estate. Contact YOUR London Ontario mortgage broker for more information and a fast pre-approval.

 GREEN Mortgage Solutions London

Home Energy Audit

Local licensed Home Energy Auditors provide customized home energy reports that highlight the top cost savings opportunities for energy retrofits. Contact your London Mortgage Brokers for more information on this.

Union Gas London rebates and incentives

Get up to $2500 in rebates when upgrading an air conditioner or furnace, $25 when installing a programmable thermostat, a free Home Energy Kit and home weatherization incentives to save up to 30% on energy costs.

Heating and Cooling Incentive

Receive up to $650 in incentives from London Hydro when replacing your inefficient central air and furnace with an upgraded Energy Star rated system. There are several other rebates and incentives available to lower costs of energy efficient upgrades.

CMHC Insurance London Rebate

If your mortgage is CMHC insured, you may receive a refund of up to 10% for efficiency upgrades. Contact us for more information.

Energy Efficient Mortgage London

Receive up to 10% of the purchase properties value in cash back for investing in eco friendly, efficient upgrades.