Buy a Rental Property or Add to Your Portfolio With Greater Ease and Flexibility

Have you been declined by the bank because you font qualify for a rental property purchase? Have you been turned down because you already ‘own too many’ properties? Whatever your need is, we offer more flexible approvals so that you can get ahead.

Interest rates are slightly higher than the lowest rates, however are tax deductible in a renal property situation. When we do the math, we always attempt to ensure, to the best of our ability, that the mortgage financing makes sense and that the purchase pill be a profitable one.

One very common situation is for an investor to get declined, even though the leas amount clearly covers the rents and the purchase makes sense from a numbers perspective. We help these investors get approved, with a simple, understandable and prudent approach. There is no limit to your growth with Altrua Financial, and Brent Richardson, Ontario Mortgage Broker.

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