Altrua Financial Privacy Policy

Altrua Financial Inc./Altrua Financial respects the privacy of our website visitors and clients and takes significant measures to protect privacy. 

We gather personal information designed to help facilitate the process of researching and approving a mortgage. Examples of other parties we may share information with include but are not limited to lenders, credit reporting agencies, appraisal agencies, mortgage life insurance providers, and law firms. Website cookies are used to help remain relevant during online searches for a reasonable, limited period of time.

We do not sell application information to third parties, and formal written consent is required for use of credit in a mortgage application.

Provision of Social Insurance Number is optional.

Altrua Financial retains mortgage application information for a required period of 6 years, as mandated by our regulator FSRA. Information can be requested by the owner and will be delivered within a reasonable period of time.

To help protect your information, we have instituted cyber security measures including, but not limited to: Email encryption, web site encryption, application encryption, multi-factor authentication to access information, virtual private networks to mask our online signature when working with personal information, sophisticated enterprise-grade anti virus/ malware software running on systems.

If there are questions about our privacy policy or handling of your information, please contact our office c/o Brent Richardson, President Altrua Financial Inc.