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5 Year - Fixed
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5 Year - Variable
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Too busy locking in fixed rate mortgage renewals to post much (37+ lock-ins in the last week)…

But just an FYI last time 5 YR Bond yields were 3.80%, most 3 YR fixed rates were closer to 5.75%

4.84% 3 yr renewal still available for many

Consumer spending in Canada is seen as reversing, even with rates peaking out... this is not good news for a June rate drop... buckle up for a bumpy 2024...

According to a trusted doctor family member, there are enough doctors in Canada to perform advanced surgeries, such as hip replacements

The problem is, the local health networks (ie. LHINs), won't pay for the hospital space to complete them

And there's still a GP ...shortage...

The biggest problem for most investors and advisors is that they are trying to time the markets.

Every time you get the itch to do so, consider that your are competing with the most sophisticated asset managers spending billions to win in markets.

How to Approach Investing

A long-term investment approach and perspective is better than taking a meme-stock investment approach. Excerpt from Boosting Your Financial IQ...

Canada announces direct linkage for lenders to CRA to prevent mortgage fraud. Its about time!

Also, with full CRA access (with client consent), this linkage should make it easier for many to complete their mortgage application without scrambling for tax docs!

Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) is a tail risk hedge.

It protects against 3 risks, and some of those risks increase as you get older:

1. Inflation
2. Sequence of returns
3. Longevity

It's like insurance.

If you end up needing it, it will be money very ...well spent.

Seeing a major uptick of clients make large payments against their mortgage or complete pay out at renewal time

An income tax favourable, guaranteed return of ~5%, and an increased cash flow with no mortgage payment is looking pretty good these days…

Our clients are some of the happiest. Here’s what they’re saying.

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