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US FED (discussion) Minutes indicate higher for longer

The FED reserve believes current restrictive rate is not as effective due to long term mortgage and corp. refinances at lows

Canada, in far worse condition is stuck between a rock and a hard place

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Federal Reserve minutes: Policymakers saw a longer path to rate cuts

WASHINGTON (AP) — After several unexpectedly high inflation readings, Federal Reserve officials concluded at a meeting earlier this month that it...

Hey Fintwits, REtwits, here’s a question for you: Regarding real estate asset prices/ values, which would you rather see?

When I say that Bitcoin is a currency of distrust, I'm just repeating what Bitcoin fans themselves say. There may be good reasons not to trust the banks and governments that create dollars, yens, and other currencies – but that doesn’t change the fact that the preference for

If the first .25 rate cut happened in July or September instead of June what would happen?

Not much for mortgage/lending rates

Alot towards psychology/sentiment

Even more for economic oversupply and buffer against re inflation

We do NOT need another ...'oops' hike in 6 months

BREAKING: April CPI/ headline inflation came in at 2.7%, down from 2.9% in March

CDN inflation continues to head in the right direction, validating the likelihood of a BoC rate cut within the next few months

Impressed by the smartwatch functionality from Swiss device manufacturer @Garmin

They design instruments for flight and Marine navigation and other high-end precision measuring devices

This model seems to have the most features, at the lowest cost:


Forward inflation guidance for April:

Next weeks CPI report is expected to show further softening, with headline inflation coming in at 2.7%

Preferred BoC inflation measures (CPI 'median', 'trim') generally trending down

We'll see on Tuesday, ...enjoy the long weekend!

It's no secret mortgage business is down. Here are two monthly expenses I will not give up:

- Twice/ week English tutoring for daughter: $450/mo

- Taikuando lessons for daughter: $400/ mo

Sometimes it helps to drive a paid for Honda...

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