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  • We’re determined to lower your rate and help make your approval a breeze. Average mortgage savings are $1,000+ per year, or $25,000+ over the life of a mortgage.
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5 Year - Fixed
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5 Year - Variable
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Level Up Your Mortgage Game With a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)

Home ownership and the mortgage may be the biggest part of your financial picture, and can be a great starting point to discuss reaching your financial goals. Get comprehensive yet understandable advice to plan for your first home, become mortgage free sooner, pay for kids education, and retire earlier with more. Keeping your mortgage approval in focus, we can discuss the following at your option:

Reducing income taxes substantially is possible for many, but requires planning. Discussions can include making interest tax deductible, income splitting, pension/benefit optimization, RRSP, TFSA and other strategies.

Optimizing wealth building strategies, even slightly, can have a major effect over time. Conversations can include first time buyer programs, paying down your mortgage faster Vs. RRSP or TFSA, using your mortgage as a wealth building tool and more.

The are few certain things in life, except for death and taxes. The government already has an estate plan for you, but you probably won’t like it… Speak for your assets, save on taxes, and probate fees. Conversations may include purchasing a property tenancy in common vs joint tenancy, what to add or remove from a will or power of attorney, if a trust makes sense and more.

Setbacks in life are inevitable. We hope the setbacks wont be too big. But no matter what happens a good plan will have you covered.

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Lower bond yields, fixed mortgage rates dropping, odds of a July BoC cut over 60%...

The financial defibrillators are hooked up to GTA/GVA housing...

Lots of talk about mortgage delinquencies reaching over $1B in Canada

Out of 75+ mortgage renewals I am currently working with, most are seeing rates double, none are delinquent

Most were qualified at 5.25% the stress test rate 5 yrs ago

So who is this affecting most? ...


Government of Canada Bond yields taking a nice little tumble today on softer than expected US inflation

Lower fixed mortgage rates on the horizon if this holds

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