As a leading mortgage lender, MCAP currently manages over $100 Billion in mortgages for over 10,000 families in Canada. MCAPs long term success comes down to several key factors including great people and service, but one thing that stands out is excellent MCAP mortgage rates.

As an authorized Mortgage Brokerage working with MCAP, we offer wholesale access to some of the most discounted MCAP mortgage rates possible and are pleased to discuss your MCAP mortgage with you. 

Current MCAP Mortgage rates are as low as:

  • 5 Year Fixed Rate: 1.39%
  • 5 Year Variable Rate: 1.29%

With Altrua, get the best MCAP mortgage rates the first time you ask.

MCAP Mortgage Transaction Types


If you are buying a home, we can work with you to pre-approve your mortgage with MCAP so that you can confidently make your offer to purchase along with MCAP’s best mortgage rates.

Port/ Mortgage Transfer

If you are selling one house that currently has an MCAP mortgage, and are buying another and would like to port your mortgage, we can help arrange this to happen smoothly. Better yet, if you are in need of additional mortgage approval, we can help to get you approved for this additional amount with no penalty.

MCAP Refinance

If you are looking to borrow additional funds to pay down debt, invest, or renovate a home, MCAP has an excellent refinance policy that allows you to access the additional funds by increasing your current mortgage amount, without breaking your mortgage. This is called an ‘increase and blend’ and it helps to avoid a breakage penalty.

Connect with us today for your MCAP mortgage rate needs.