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1 Year - Fixed
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2 Year - Fixed
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3 Year - Fixed
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4 Year - Fixed
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5 Year - Fixed
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5 Year - Variable
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  • Double the bi-weekly payment above to determine monthly payment.

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How we Help to Lower Your Rate – Before and After Closing

Optimizing Before Closing

  • Get signed regular rate updates of our lowest Ottawa mortgage rates with our Rate Watch system.
  • After your mortgage application is approved, we continue to monitor rates closely up until two weeks before your closing date to ensure you end up with the best possible rate.
  • This provides you the assurance of the best mortgage rate Ottawa full approval, without obligating or ‘locking in’ to a rate that may end up lower before closing.

Optimizing After Closing

  • After your mortgage closing or maturity date (on a renewal) has come and gone, we continue to watch rates for you. There is no additional work on your part.
  • With the help of our specially designed systems, we look at several mortgage features/ variables such as term type (fixed or variable), your current mortgage rate, time remaining in your term, and exist penalty among others.
  • 5 years is a long time, and if/when we do find an opportunity to save you money we will proactively contact you and show you the savings in plain language

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Ottawa Mortgage Rate and Housing Market Update 2021

The local mortgage rates in Ottawa will be affected by two main forces:

  1. From a federal, or National perspective Canada will continue to see significant economic stimulus in 2021, in the form of low mortgage rates.
  2. Locally, in Ottawa more specifically, due to the growth in the housing market and increased size of mortgages, combined with the large local population, the competitiveness in the local market will intensify to high levels seen in GTA. In other words, rates will be pushed down to some of the lowest levels possible – given this already low rate environment.

Local Housing Market Significantly Affected by Mortgage Rates

The housing market and mortgage rates in Ottawa are closely intertwined. According to the Ottawa-Carelton Realtor Association, we are likely to see continued growth in the housing market in Ottawa in 2021. This trend may even continue for the next 2 years into 2023 as rates remain at stimulating levels. Indeed if the main cost of a house is mortgage interest, payment of close to 1% interest for a mortgage really reduces the cost of ownership and will continue to provide significant upward pressure to the market throughout 2021 and beyond.