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Avoid Costly Surprises

It can be easy for a mortgage lender to entice a borrower with flashy mortgage rates Ottawa, just to add mortgage fine print terms and conditions, that are designed to add thousands in extra costs later during the mortgage.

If you were buying a car, smartphone or a new home- would you ONLY be looking at the price? Or would you be considering the features too?

Mortgages are generally invisible – we can’t see and feel the differences like we can with a car or phone. So this makes the quality of the mortgage contract very important.

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 Ottawa Mortgage Rates Monitoring and Optimization

As markets change and opportunities come up, leading investment advisors and planners will help to ensure that their customers earn the best portfolio return over time. This involves constantly monitoring the economy and markets so that the investment portfolio performance can be optimized over time.

Similarly, as leading Mortgage Brokers in Ottawa, we carefully monitor Ottawa Mortgage Rates to help optimize your mortgage savings over the years. At Altrua we have a good understanding of the economic forces behind mortgage rate changes and are ahead of these changes to offer you the money-saving advice over the life of your mortgage.

Optimizing Before Closing

  • Get signed regular rate updates of our lowest Ottawa mortgage rates with our Rate Watch system.
  • After your mortgage application is approved, we continue to monitor rates closely up until two weeks before your closing date to ensure you end up with the best possible rate.
  • This provides you the assurance of the best mortgage rate Ottawa full approval, without obligating or ‘locking in’ to a rate that may end up lower before closing.

Optimizing After Closing

  • After your mortgage closing or maturity date (on a renewal) has come and gone, we continue to watch rates for you. There is no additional work on your part.
  • With the help of our specially designed systems, we look at several mortgage features/ variables such as term type (fixed or variable), your current mortgage rate, time remaining in your term, and exist penalty among others.
  • 5 years is a long time, and if/when we do find an opportunity to save you money we will proactively contact you and show you the savings in plain language

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Ottawa, Ontario, Housing Market and Economy and Mortgage Rates in 2020

Quick Facts about Ottawa

  • There are over 500,000 jobs in Ottawa
  • Home to over 25,000 employers.
  • Currently more than 60,000 high tech jobs in 2020
  • A leading Tech centre globally.
  • $40 Billion + in local GDP/ economic activity.
  • By population is the 4th biggest City in Canada
  • Based on landmass, at 2,796 square kilometers, Ottawa is bigger than Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver taken together.
  • Mortgage Rates Ottawa are some of the lowest in Ontario and in Canada.

Ottawa’s Economy

The Ottawa economy is diverse and resilient, with the Federal government and technology as the two main cornerstones. These cornerstones are stable employers, and although both technology and government have seen some wavering in employment over the past few years, they are still on track to provide stability and growth over the decades to come.

As a result of this strength and diversity, according to CBC Ottawa is expected to weather the COVID pandemic better than other Canadian Cities.

Finance, insurance, real estate, construction, health, education and tourism also play a big roll in Ottawa’s economy, but not to the extent of Government and high tech. Similarly, Ottawa mortgage rates play a role in helping to keep costs of living down and so that local residents keep more of their money to save or spend on other things that benefit the local economy. 

Ottawa Housing Market

COVID will have a big impact on Ottawa, however, due to the areas economic resilience the housing market should fare OK.

In 2020 during COVID the sales activity in Ottawa has slowed substantially as would be expected with less open houses and fear of the coronavirus, however housing prices have stayed very stable and in some areas such as Kanata are even seem to be increasing still.

Low mortgage rates Ottawa will help continue to deliver low costs of borrowing which will help to keep housing affordability reasonable, relative to income and the market should remain resilient. 

Condo supply is in short supply currently and this limited supply is helping to keep condo prices buoyant. However as more condos come to market, there may be a slight softening in prices if the local economy has not returned to normal growth as new construction condos hit the market.

The very top of the housing market is seen as more vulnerable than the lower to mid range housing values in Ottawa because there are less homes available in this market relatively speaking. So even a ‘handful’ of sellers could cause a noticeable decrease in prices.

First time home buyers in Ottawa will continue to face a challenge as the lower range in housing prices continues to be in high demand, and there are alot of motivated buyers.

Overall the market should continue to see strength throughout 2020, and low mortgage rates in Ottawa will help to provide stability or even growth in the market.