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Windsor Mortgage News

Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario’s southernmost city, is located just across the river from Detroit, Michigan. Similarly to its United States neighbor, Windsor is heavily involved in the automotive industry. There are a number of automotive facilities located within locally, including an FCA Canada minivan assembly plant and two Ford Motor Company engine plants. In addition to manufacturing, the local economy is also largely invested in the tourism industry.

The Windsor Department of Parks and Recreation maintains 180 parks, including the recreational Mic Mac Park, and 64 kilometers of trails in addition to the vacant land, natural areas and green space located within the city. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy Windsor's riverfront parks, fine dining in “Via Italia” and delicious wine from the Lake Erie North Shore Wine Region.

The City has much more to offer than its beautiful scenery and rich culture. As Windsor mortgage professionals, we are proud to report that 4 of the five safest cities in the country can be found within the Metropolitan Area and we can’t wait to help you finance the home of your dreams here!

Top 10 Reasons To Get a Mortgage

And Own Property In Windsor

10. Affordable Real Estate

Windsor offers some of the best real estate value in Canada. In May 2016 the average sales price for a single detached house in Windsor was $235,000. This price get would a buyer a very nice, 3 bed 3 bath home in a nice neighborhood.

9. Local Economic Growth

The Government of Canada, Province of Ontario and major Auto manufacturers have stepped up their commitment in Windsor over the past 5 years, funneling in billions of dollars for manufacturing plant improvements and job creation. Caesars Hotel and Casino also employs thousands which have helped to spur local economic growth. The City continues to enjoy significant upward economic trends as a result. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windsor,_Ontario Contact your Mortgage Broker in Windsor to benefit from this growth through home ownership!

8. Border Benefits

Some may be surprised to hear, but Down Town Detroit is undergoing a major revitalization and offers many big city amenities, restaurants and attractions including Red Wings Hockey, Pistons Basketball, Lions Football and Tigers Baseball. All stadiums are modern, having been constructed in the last 10 years. All within minutes from Windsor. Check out what’s happening here http://www.districtdetroit.com/

7. Canada's Economic Nexus

The Ambassador Bridge connecting Windsor to Detroit is Canada’s busiest trade corridor, accounting for over 25% of the CAN/USA trade volume. This accounts for over $15 Billion in local economic activity and 150,000 area jobs. A second bridge will be completed in the next few years at a cost of $3.5 billion further intensifying the importance of this trade route. This will continue to support the growing economy in big ways.

6. Small Town Feel

The community is generally warm and more laid back than the in GTA, for those who prefer this type of living, while at the same time offering a constant stream of events and community activities.  Check them out here! http://windsorite.ca/events/

5. A Canadian 'Tinsel Town'

The Caesars Hotel and Casino not only directly supports over 5000 local jobs but offers excellent value in entertainment and attracts some of the biggest names in show business. The downtown streets are vibrant and lined with enough restaurants, bars, and clubs to satisfy most tastes. Although there are great places throughout the area, downtown offers some great excitement: http://www.downtownwindsor.ca/

4. A Unique and Beautiful Countryside

Windsor has been deemed Canada’s ‘warmest City’ and is situated in a rare fruit and wine belt. The area is famous for growing all sorts of berries, tomatoes, and fruit.  There are also dozens of local wineries and an impressive wine route. Check it out here! http://www.epicwineries.com/

3. Real Estate Growth

The local real estate market is experiencing good strength with the cost of housing up over 10% and home sales activity of 17.86% in 2016, over 2015. This growth and momentum are not expected to slow. Check out the Windsor Real Estate association here and when your done contact Windsor mortgage broker today.

2. Lower Cost of Living

The area not only boasts some of the most affordable housing in Canada, but this stretches into other areas of life as well. For example, the price of gas is typically 10% - 20% less here than in the GTA. Also, because there isn't as much snow, heating costs are much less. Finally, entertainment can be found inexpensively in the City with an abundance of events and festivals. Those who call the area home notice a more affordable standard of living than other major places throughout Canada.

1. Low Mortgage Rates

Get the same all time low rates as the Toronto Area, with your Windsor Mortgage Brokers. With rates at current levels, there’s never been a better time to buy a house and invest here.

 GREEN Mortgage Solutions Windsor

Connect with Windsor Green Resources. Get expert education and guidance from the Green organizations in and around Windsor. Two notable organizations are the Windsor-Essex county Environmental committee and LiveGreen Energy Solutions. Getting an Energy Audit done will likely help you save on energy costs and make home ownership more affordable.

Look into a Green Mortgage. When getting a new mortgage, or making a change to an existing mortgage - such as during a refinance or when moving - consider withdrawing slightly more home equity to invest into green retrofits. These upgrades will more than pay for themselves over time, increase the value of your home while contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Green Rebates and Incentives Windsor. Union energy, the Province of Ontario and other Energy organizations provide incentives and rebates that can help make going green in Windsor even easier. Add this to the savings benefits offered by upgrading, and this could be your best investment yet.