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Top 10 Reasons To Get a Mortgage

And Own Property In Toronto

We see the mortgage as a tool that will help you live happily in your own home and grow your net worth in ways that other leading investments cant. Whats not to like about that? The following is a list of reason that we think the local Toronto economy and dynamic culture will continue to validate this way of thinking about mortgages.

10. Location, Location, Location – Access to Markets

Toronto has access to over 140 million people within a 700 km radius or a one day drive. In comparison, New York City has access to less than half the people within a day. Location is a critical benefit in supporting Toronto’s economic growth and its housing market over the long term.  Access to your Toronto Mortgage Broker couldn’t be easier either – just call or click today!

9. Canada’s Economic Engine

A disproportionate amount of Canada’s economic activity is clustered in Toronto. Although the rest of Canada plays an incredibly important roll for long-term economic growth and diversification, the City is known to be the central player. As Canada continues to shine in the global economy, Toronto’s role as a global economic player will continue to expand. Along with this will the housing market, and the benefit that homeowners will receive from their lowest rate mortgage investment.

8. Diversified and Resilient Economy

Toronto is home to several high need, large and growing industries in Finance, Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing and Information Technology. For example, the Canadian Banking, Mortgage Lending, and Insurance businesses are global leaders, as Canadian Banks continue to grow quickly both in Canada and through buying other banks internationally. The Life Sciences and Information Technology business development focus positions the economy well for the next generation of growth.

7. Growing Housing Market

The market in Toronto continues to attract thousands of new buyers and continues to experience high growth rates. In 2018, the market is on track for over 10% growth in the average selling price from the year before. The continued economic expansion, a strong rental market, educated workforce and mass immigration will continue to support this housing market for years to come. Contact your Mortgage Brokers Toronto to help make homeownership more affordable.


6. Education Superpower

The GTA is home to 14 highly recognized post-secondary schools consisting of over 200,000 full-time students. The University of Toronto, Queens and McMaster universities are internationally recognized in several areas as top schools, and local community colleges like Seneca and Humber produce excellent skilled workers that keep living standards comfortable and enjoyable across Canada. Those searching for a Toronto Mortgage Broker for education and empowerment on mortgage options should call, click or apply today!


5. Strong Innovation

Over 35% of the research and development in Canada in conducted in Toronto. This will continue to increase as there is a transition from manufacturing to high technology, biotechnology and sustainable energy business. When it comes to innovation in the mortgage and lending industry, we strive to be the best mortgage broker Toronto has to offer. 

4. Developing Transit System

To handle the continuing growth – Toronto is committed to investing at least $50 billion dollars over 25 years to improve its rapid transit systems. This includes extensions onto the TTC subway system, a light rail system, and improved access and expansion of the GO Train system. Always an area of local contention and political unrest – the system does continue to make progress.

3. Sophisticated and Exciting Lifestyle

Toronto is truly an exciting, eclectic world class City. There are dozens of museums, such as the ROM and Ontario Science Centre, Centres for Performing arts, Theatres, thousands of restaurants including several world-renowned and a nightlife of endless fun. You could visit a different restaurant for every meal and go a lifetime without visiting them all. There is something – and then some – for everyone in Toronto.


2. Celebrated Multiculturalism and Diversity

The central idea of Canada – Toronto’s population and mortgage application growth is largely fueled by immigration of about 55,000 new Canadians each year. The educational, economic and neighborhood infrastructures have proven themselves to support and develop newcomers. GTA enjoys some of the world’s highest productivity rates in return. Although Toronto is a large mega city – the neighborhoods are broken up into small sections while providing for a greater sense of community and togetherness locally. For newcomers looking to purchase property, Toronto Mortgage Brokers at your convenience for special new to Canada programmes.


1.Best Place to live in the World 2018

Toronto has for years been named among the best in the world to live – but in 2015 it flat out won the best by internationally renowned magazine The Economist. Toronto even beat out New York City, San Francisco and every European City. The survey looked at areas of safety, democracy, livability and business environment. This article nicely wraps up and confirms everything on this top 10 list, and although prices are relatively higher than other places in Canada, getting a low rate mortgage owning here has never looked for promising for the long term.


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