Looking to Buy and Investment or Rental Property in Windsor?

We are investment property owners ourselves and love helping others succeed at rental property ownership. Buying an investment property in Windsor is different that simply investing in the stock market or mutual funds, with by working with the right mortgage financing partner, this can greatly increase your chances of success.


Investing is inherently a financial endeavor. So it makes sense that a financial company should help guide you as a primary resource – even if you’re already experienced. For example, getting approved for lower mortgage rates or getting approved for more rental properties can help to take the experienced investor to the next level.

The bottom lines is you’re not alone in your investment property decisions and management when you work with us.

The Windsor of area offers an excellent investment opportunity. Windsor enjoys its own local economy, and housing prices promote good cash flow from investments. The Windsor economy looks stable due to a number of initiatives including the Gordie Howe Bridge, a stable auto sector with full government backing, a thriving entertainment economy and wine region, among a host of other economic developments. Windsor has even recently enjoyed growth rates in housing prices similar to those seen in Toronto!

All of these points create a fertile environment for obtaining a mortgage and investing in Windsor. WE are your Windsor mortgage broker that is happy to assist you.

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