Mortgage Solutions in Windsor for Business Owners

Are you self-employed in Windsor, and looking for an excellent self-employed mortgage solution?

WE specialize in helping the thousands of self-employed individuals and families in Windsor obtain the best possible, lowest rate mortgage for their needs.

Often Banks have limited options for the self-employed, and can charge high rates. But WE have a powerful lender network consisting of several major Canadian banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders that are competing for your business. Altrua brings this competition to you.

Importantly, we can get you approved for a mortgage amount that actually reflects your take-home pay. We understand the intricacies of income reporting and can actually work with some of the best lenders in Canada to use more income to qualify you. This can mean getting into the house you desire, that reflects your ability to service your mortgage.

Get qualified for a best rate self-employment mortgage in Windsor with as little as 10% down payment.

Get a free personalized consultation today.

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