Self Employed in London? No Problem. We Offer Flexible Mortgage Options for Local Business Owners.

If you’re self-employed in London, getting a mortgage a great mortgage does not have to be difficult. Altrua Financial offers self-employed mortgage programmes, not from just one Bank, but from several different lenders including reliable private lending sources. The result is a smoother experience, that gets you the money you need quickly for your home purchase or equity takeout. 

We understand that even non cash expenses can lower your income, so we can work with lender programmes that allow us to ‘add back’ towards or state your income if need be. This is true even with down payments as low as 10%. We look at the nature of your business and find creative ways to position your business in the most positive light so that you can get approved with the best possible mortgage product in London.

 Contact us today for a conversation that will ease your approval process, and save you thousands of dollars.

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