If you are looking for a first or second mortgage in Kitchener, Cambridge or anywhere else throughout Ontario, it is important that you are working with an experienced mortgage broker that you can trust.

The team of Kitchener mortgage brokers you chose to work with should do more than just get you to close on your mortgage.

At Altrua Financial, we provide our clients with education, information, and guidance as they make such important financial decisions as deciding how they will finance the purchase of their new home.

Local market trends and statistics are a large part of this information because they can provide relevant insight to both buyers and sellers.

While the number of homes sold this past June was less than that of the previous year, the total number of home sales for the first half of the year is still well over that of last. In June of 2017, there were 716 residential homes sold, which is a decrease of close to 3% from June of 2016. These sales brought the total residential sales for the first half of the year to a total of 3,834, which is over 9% higher than the total for the first half of 2016.

The 716 home sales last month have held Kitchener at a record breaking 700 plus monthly sales, something that has happened for the last four months in a row.

Previous questions about how inventory would keep up with demand still linger even as the supply has risen to match the increased demand over the last few months. In June alone, there were 28.7% more homes listed this year than in the year previous, with 1,083 residential properties brought onto the market during the month, but inventory levels still remain low.

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