If you are in the market to purchase a home in the Kitchener area but aren’t sure where to begin, we are here to help!

As trusted Kitchener mortgage brokers, we understand how important every decision is when it comes to your mortgage, and we appreciate the trust that must be involved with such large financial decisions.

Whether this is your first time purchasing a home or if you have never worked with a mortgage broker before, you may wonder how a mortgage broker can help you.

Working with a qualified and experienced mortgage broker like you will find at Altrua Financial is quite different from the experience you will get from working with a bank or lender. Mortgage brokers provide their clients with a number of unique benefits that can really make the difference when you are looking to save money and close on your home with as little stress as possible.

Below, you will find just three of the many ways a Kitchener mortgage broker can help you throughout the mortgage process:

  1. We do the heavy lifting
    1. There is a lot involved with obtaining a mortgage and as your personal expert on purchasing a home, we will do all the heavy lifting for you! This means that we will be applying for your loan with as many different lenders as we need to, to make sure you are getting the absolute best rate on your mortgage. We will work hard to negotiate on your behalf to get the best terms and options for your situation. All you will need to do is sit back as we make your home purchase dreams a reality!
  1. We get you the best rate
    1. In addition to applying for your mortgage at different lenders and negotiating the best terms, we will also take the time to negotiate rates on your behalf. Our relationships with reputable lenders allow us better access to these institutions which in turn allows us to guarantee the most competitive rates for our clients.
  1. We save you time and money
    1. Everything that has been mentioned above is done to save you both time and money during the mortgage process. By applying for loans and negotiating on your behalf, we save you the back and forth communication that can take up much of your valuable time. We are dedicated to managing the details of your case and leveraging our relationships in the industry to save you money. In certain cases, we may even be able to help you avoid the fees associated with securing your loan.


If you are looking to save time and money with a representative who is dedicated to providing you with one on one attention throughout the mortgage process, give us a call at (519) 568-3377 to setup your consultation today!

 If you’d like to discuss more, visit us at https://altrua.ca


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