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1 Year - Fixed
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4 Year - Fixed
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5 Year - Fixed
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5 Year - Variable
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 Mortgage Rate Monitoring and Optimization

The best investment advisors will ensure that as markets change and opportunities arise, your investments are positioned to earn you the highest return on overtime.  In other words, the best investment advisors monitor your investments constantly and will suggest changes to optimize your portfolio performance.

Similarly, as leading Mortgage Brokers, Altrua Financial monitors Kitchener mortgage rates and across Canada to help you optimize your mortgage savings over time. We possess a deep understanding of the market forces that drive fixed rate and variable rate changes and are steps ahead of these changes to offer you strategic advice over the mortgage term, and entire amortization.

Optimizing Before Closing

  • Apply to receive our Rate Watch – weekly rate updates customized to your application and mortgage type.
  • Perfect if you are shopping for a home, renewing your mortgage, or are looking for the best Waterloo mortgage rates on your refinance.
  • Once your mortgage is approved we continue to monitor rates and if they drop, it will lower your rate before closing.
  • You are not ‘locked in’ to a rate before closing but can have the assurance of an excellent full lender approval.

Optimizing After Closing

  • As soon as your mortgage closes, we continue to monitor rates for you. There is no additional work for you.
  • Our unique systems measure dozens of mortgage features, such as rate, maturity date, fixed or variable and others.
  • We identify the best opportunities for your mortgage that can save you thousands of dollars more.
  • When we present the opportunity, we break down the numbers to show you in detail how the savings add up.

In a lender market that is so often focused on closing the next mortgage, or even hiding long-term savings opportunities to serve their own best interest, we specialize in providing a game-changing service for our clients to help them save even more than expected over time.

Get on the Right Path for Mortgage Savings

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Top Questions about Kitchener mortgage rates and the housing market:

Q: Is it better to take a fixed or variable rate in Kitchener?

A: Both are a good idea and it depends on your risk profile and desire for more simplicity, or to work with the market.

Q: Are Kitchener rates going up or down now?

A: As of June 2020 rates are trending down and should remain low throughout 2020, with slight variation in rates within 0.50%.

Q: Is the housing market strong in Kitchener?

A: Yes, because of economic diversity the housing market is strong, while avoiding some more of the kind of volatility found closer to GTA.

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Shopping for Mortgage Rates in Kitchener

Traditionally borrowers in the Kitchener market would visit a Bank Branch to obtain their best mortgage rate. However, over the past 15 years more and more locals have turned to the services of a Broker. These borrowers see the benefit that a Broker can provide, by representing their interests in the market to find them the best mortgage rate. But all brokers are different and offer different mortgage rates Kitchener, and vastly different long term service.

Comparing Kitchener Mortgages

Altrua Financial welcomes customer shopping from any local broker or Bank branch, and will never ask what rate you have received because we don’t try to get away with doing slightly better. We quote the best mortgage rate that we can offer because this helps to build trust with our customers quickly – a trust that is followed up with the leading service in the industry. We welcome you to contact us because different rate quotes will apply to different borrowers and it is best to compare rates for your specific application to get the lowest rate for your unique situation.

Top Questions about Waterloo mortgage rates and its housing market:

Q: Is it wiser to apply for a fixed or variable rate in Waterloo?

A: There is no wrong answer since we can offer excellently fixed and variable rates. However, some prefer the simplicity of a fixed, while others wish to have more long term potential for an opportunity with a variable rate mortgage.

Q: Are Waterloo rates going down or up over the next year?

A: As of June 2020 rates are stable and trending downwards, as banks reduce their risk premium related to COVID and as bond yields continue to decline.

Q: Is the housing market resilient in Waterloo?

A: Yes, the strong local economy and desire for locals to remain in Waterloo will continue to create strength and growth in the local housing market.

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Shopping for Mortgage Rates in Waterloo

Over the past 15 years, locals in Waterloo have been increasingly using the services of a local mortgage broker. With the advent of the internet over the past 10 years, locals have also been taking online to read local reviews and to select the right broker with the best rate. So while the trend for Waterloo homeowners and shoppers remains constant, the internet is helping to reduce rates even further while improving service at the same time.

Comparing Waterloo Mortgages

Mortgage rate shoppers in Waterloo are looking for an honest approach and the best partner for their mortgage over the short term and the long term. They want to feel comfortable with their mortgage provider, while also obtaining the best mortgage rate. At Altrua we encourage rate shopping because we feel good when our customers recognize our low rates compared to our local and national competition. We offer the best of both words – a local broker that has lived in the community for over 35 years, while also obtaining the lowest rate.

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