Free Mortgage Upgrades: Negotiating a better rate finally made simple

The unfortunate truth about the world of mortgages is that many people will pay THOUSANDS of dollars more, for the exact same mortgage, at the exact same lender, than will other people.

It’s a reality based on a negotiation ploy that works the same way at all major banks, and even most Mortgage Brokers are holding back on something… That extra $250 – $2500 per year, cash savings in your pocket, is potentially a vacation per year, a full University tuition for a child, or your mortgage paid off years sooner.

My name is Brent Richardson, and I founded Altrua Financial to show people the truth about how much they can save on their mortgage, without the need for stressful negotiation and time-consuming mortgage shopping. We’re here to simplify everything mortgages.

One of the packages we’ve created to help fulfill this promise is called the ‘Free Mortgage Upgrade’. This no cost, no obligation service is perfect if you’re not sure that you want to move your mortgage business away from your bank, but are looking for a great tool to help you get the best possible rate out of your bank.

The way it works is that we pre-approve you for a mortgage at a much lower rate, using our wholesale rate discounts and access to over 20 top lenders in the mortgage market. We send you an official pre-approval form, which you can show to your bank. Bank employees will often request that their clients go out and shop for a mortgage, and then come back to the branch with their findings. The Altrua Free Mortgage Upgrade is the ultimate, simplified form of this, and we have no qualms in providing it to you.

The whole process takes about 5 minutes over the phone, then we email you the document. Customers have nothing to lose by trying this out, and thousands of dollars to gain by saving on the exact same mortgage, at their own bank.

Alternatively, if you find that your Bank is not able to drop their rate as low as you might have wanted, Altrua Financial is happy to proceed with the offer. Many customers will find that there are several other benefits besides rate when dealing with Altrua:

One is the idea of trust: Do you prefer an ongoing relationship based on truth or a relationship where everything must be questioned and negotiated?   

Are you aware of the fine print penalties and limitations of your Bank’s mortgage, and what money saving flexibilities could be available to you in the fine print of other mortgages?

These are just a couple of the other kinds of considerations when looking to get a better deal on your mortgage. But starting is simple, and Altrua is here to benefit you and earn your trust, even if we don’t earn your business this time around.
For mortgage information, contact us today.