Are you looking for a trusted local source in Kitchener for private mortgage financing? We know the local market and local funding sources for your best rates, terms and faster approval times.

Finding a private mortgage in Kitchener does not need to be stressful when using a local mortgage broker Kitchener, that understand the market and community. More importantly, we ask the right questions to understand your unique needs and requirements, so that we can provide the best solution. This could mean a private first or second mortgage, or perhaps private financing is not needed at all.

If private financing is the best solution for you, we work quickly as we know timing is important. We can meet at our local Kitchener brokerage office if you prefer, or we can keep things over the phone and email. We guide you through every step of the process so that you understand what’s happening. Then we work with you to get out of the private financing, into a lower rate mortgage. This often means providing good credit advice that is understandable and easy to implement.

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