Looking to consolidate debt, make home improvements or upgrades, or lower your interest rate? We offer one of Kitcheners top local mortgage refinance programs that result in a pleasant experience and your best savings.

The main difference between mortgage renewal and refinance is that with a refinance you can change any aspect of the mortgage that you’d like, including but not limited to: rate, mortgage amount, amortization/ payment, payment frequency, small print terms and conditions and prepayment privilege. On a renewal, it’s the same mortgage that continues, with the same amortization, but additional equity can not be accessed or the amortization can not be changed. So a Kitchener mortgage refinance is much more flexible.

We strive to be the leading local choice for refinances in Kitchener. To this extent, we root our service in education and an understanding of the local market. We also offer highly competitive rates, especially compared to banks and even other local mortgage broker Kitchener. We invite you to chat connect with us so that we can ask you the right questions, and based on your unique situation provide some of the most cost-effective options for you. We don’t just want ANY mortgage to refinance solution for you, we want the best.

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