Summary Prospectus:

  • Targeted returns of 6%-9% annually.
  • Fixed-rate, income-producing mortgage investment is backed by a substantial registered interest in a hard, real asset. Our investors appreciate an investment that they can ‘see and feel’.
  • All funds are handled by lawyers – your lawyer and the borrower’s lawyer – Not by Altrua Financial. Altrua Financial simply Brokers the transaction.

With interest rates at all-time lows, and Banks offering GICs and other fixed-term investments at next to no return, savvy investors are searching for alternative, but relatively safe investments to help meet their short and long term goals.

Altrua works with investors that are interested in achieving stable, hard asset-backed, investment returns between 6% and 9% annually. 

We achieve this by working with you, a qualified and informed investor, and a mortgage client that is in need of alternative or private financing. In all cases, both the investor and borrower have a full and transparent description and understanding of the transaction presented and Brokered by Altrua Financial. Providing this understanding, explanation and transparency is our role as a Broker of Mortgages. 

The second mortgage and private mortgage investment proposition may be unfamiliar but is actually quite simple:

  • The mortgage investment is registered against a hard asset and land that you can see and feel. Unlike paper or digital based investment derivatives, a house and land are more permanent and tangible in nature.
  • We seek borrowers who have at least 35% equity in the home, providing a reliable safety net from even the harshest of real estate corrections.
  • We seek borrowers who need a short term solution, with a sensible and reliable plan to pay out the private mortgage within one or two years. As a brokerage, we work with the borrower to ensure they remain on track to pay out the private mortgage. We facilitate a true partnership between investor and borrower, for a win-win solution. 
  • Investors get to decide if they would like to invest in the mortgage file presented to them. This includes a review of the full appraisal, credit report, income and other aspects of a file. Our advice and perspective is available as well, and opportunities priced accordingly. 
  • At no point does Altrua Financial ever handle your funds. Instead, funds are handled by a lawyer of your choosing and registered against the home/ asset that you have decided on.
  • Mortgage investments can be TSFA and RRSP eligible. 
  • Altrua does not Administer the private mortgage once it closes, however, we provide support, tools, coaching and tips to investors to help them organize and optimize their private mortgage investment. Altrua Financial is NOT a licensed Mortgage Administrator, nor do we purport to act as one.
  • We are a Kitchener mortgage broker that operates locations across Ontario.

We are not a mortgage syndicate or Mortgage Investment Corporation. We broker one investor/ lender to one borrower at a time. We believe this keeps the transaction more simple, understandable and cost-efficient. 

Interested investors should be aware of both the risks and rewards of mortgage-based investing. Our brokerage discloses such risks to each investor. In addition, no investment should be made without consultation with a fully licensed investment advisor. This site does not intend to sell any particular investment and is intended for informational purposes only.

For those interested in this opportunity, connect with Brent Richardson, Certified Financial Planner, Principal Mortgage Broker, and President of Altrua Financial Inc for a deeper prospectus and introductory conversation.