The Oakville Housing Market is Robust, Desirable and Resilient, Driven by the Things that Canadians Appreciate Most

Oakville has long since been considered one of the most desirable places in Canada to call home. As we enter 2021, and even with the most devastating effects of COVID breaking havoc, these truths about the Oakville housing and mortgage market could not be more trust. Connect with us, your mortgage brokers Oakville today for more information on housing, rates and options.

For now, let’s consider the following statistics available as of November 2020:

  • New listings are up 17.6% to 288 in the month of July.
  • Sales are up 23.6% as of the month of July.
  • Agerage sale price is up 14% year over year.

These Oakville statistics are spectacular and are some of the leading housing statistics in Canada. To help mitigate the higher housing cost, let’s lower your cost of financing considerably. Connect with your mortgage broker Oakville today and see how we can lower your real housing cost – mortgage costs.