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Milton, Ontario

Milton, with a population recorded in 2016 of slightly over 110,000, is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. This is not a surprise when you consider the attractiveness of Milton’s profoundly rich historic culture and its proximity and easy access to neighboring cities with steadily growing job markets. The city’s beauty is showcased in its countless parks and recreation centers, many of which are open to the public.

The completion of “The Big Pipe” project, which was designed to bring water into the town from Lake Ontario, boosted residential growth and created a large amount of jobs within the city. Automotive and advanced manufacturing are also major industries that provide local jobs to residents of Milton.

With over 20 prosperous neighbourhoods, Milton offers buyers a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the perfect home and as Milton mortgage brokers, we will save you the most money when you decide to purchase the home of your dreams in this beautiful city!

Top 10 Reasons To Get a Mortgage

And Own Property In Milton

Between 2001 and 2015, the population in Milton has grown from 30,000 to over 100,000. This trend is expected to continue with a Government of Ontario population projection of over 210,000 by the year 2031. This trend will certainly continue to support housing values. Check out these excellent sites for details on the area. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton,_Ontario and https://www.milton.ca/en/index.asp. Then contact Altrua, your Mortgage Broker in Milton today!

The local government in Milton has put itself out as one of the most business-friendly Cities in Canada and offers to cut much of the red tape that business face. The City’s economic priority is to grow over 750,000 in new commercial square footage per year and is well on track.

Situated within a 15 minute drive of the Toronto boarder, or 30 – 40 minute GO Train ride to down town, the proximity to Toronto is good for those who do not wish to commute too far on a daily basis.

Milton sits among of rolling farm land, Ontario’s massive ‘Green Belt’ and the Niagra Escarpment all which offer incredible natural beauty and leisure, and helps to improve the quality of living for many who are looking for more open natural space, while remaining close to Toronto.

The median cost of a house as of Summer 2016 in Milton was $625,000 which offers much better affordability than in Toronto

There are 5 multi-lane freeways and an ever expanding GO train and bus capacity available to help commuters access their employer and other parts of the province with ease.

Given its location, and the ability of developers to add new homes in the area, and growing local economic activity, the area should continue to experience excellent growth in real estate prices over the long term. Check out this resource at Remax for more information: https://www.remax.ca/on/milton-real-estate/

For several years since 2001, Milton has been named Canada’s fastest growing city. If you’re interested in moving to Milton, check out this handy site: https://www.milton.ca/en/play/recreation.asp! Then Call Altrua, your Milton Mortgage Broker today!

According to the City, Milton is no longer a bedroom community and there are as many people who drive in on a daily basis for work, as who drive out.

With your Altrua Milton Mortgage Broker, get the lowest rate on your mortgage and make buying in Milton your best investment yet!

Speciality Mortgages Milton

 GREEN Mortgage Solutions Milton

Contact Sustainable Milton. This is an organization in Milton that promotes education for improving energy efficiency around the home and saving on costs. Visit  https://www.sustainablemilton.org/ . Consider the services of an Energy Auditor – it makes the process of energy efficient upgrading easy, and could be the smartest investment you’ve made! Altrua Mortgage Brokers are happy to provide more details.

Consider a Green Mortgage. Whether purchasing or refinancing, when making a change to your mortgage there is an opportunity to use some of this home equity towards energy and water-efficient upgrades. In many cases, the cost savings from these upgrades pays for itself in just a few short years. Talk to us for more information.

Rebates and incentives in Milton. It pays to go green. Check with your utility company and the Province of Ontario Save on Energy program for rebates and incentives for retrofits and upgrades. https://saveonenergy.ca/. Also, if your mortgage is insured with less than 20% down payment, you may be eligible to a 10% reduction in the cost of the Mortgage Insurance.

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