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Guelph, Ontario

The City of Guelph, commonly known as the “Royal City”, is located where Highway 6 and Highway 7 meet between the City of Waterloo and Downtown Toronto. The city’s extremely diversified economy has continually set it apart from its surrounding cities and earned Guelph one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, even through the recent Great Recession. These high employment rates continue to promote growth within the job sector as the city places a greater focus on life science, agri-food and biotechnology.

As experienced Guelph mortgage brokers, we know that job availability is a major factor when deciding where to purchase a home, but it is not the only factor. When choosing where your family will live, it is important to also consider safety and standard of living. Guelph has consistently low crime rates and maintains a relatively high standard of living. The city is also home to a thriving artistic culture which includes music, theater and film production, making it the perfect place to live and play!

Guelph Mortgage News

Top 10 Reasons To Get a Mortgage

And Own Property In Guelph

10. Closeness to GTA

Located within 1 hour of central Toronto – Guelph is situated in an ideal place within the Greater Toronto Area for travel and business and will continue to experience growth as a result. Check out these great sites for detailed info on Guelph. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guelph and https://guelph.ca/

9. University of Guelph

One of the most recognized Universities in Canada, especially in the sciences and agriculture, the school is home to about 25,000 full-time students who enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and excellent local activities. The University is the second largest employer in the area and has an excellent positive impact on the local culture and economy.


8. Developing Transit Systems

Guelph offers an abundance of biking and walking trails, a well-organized mass transit system and offers Go Train service to the increasing GTA commuter population.


7. Lots to do!

There are many festivals, activities and events year round that will please just about anyone, including the Guelph Jazz Festival, Hillside Music Festival, and Guelph Multicultural Festival to name a few. Check out https://visitguelphwellington.ca/events/calendar for more! For some next level fun, contact US, your Guelph mortgage broker for more information, and a fast pre-approval today.

6. Low Rental Vacancy Rates

Guelph vacancy rates are the lowest in Ontario at 1.2%, according to the Canadian Housing and Mortgage corporation, which means there is a strong pipeline of individuals who could potentially purchase a home and continue to support local housing values.


5. Value for Money

With the average sale price in Guelph at $376,995 in summer of 2015, substantially more house can be purchased here for the money that other parts of the Greater Toronto Area, such as Mississauga (about 20 minutes’ drive on the 401) where the average sale price is $551,829, or Toronto where average detached sales are over $1 million. For more info on the Real Estate market in Guelph, check out the Guelph Realtors Association site https://gdar.ca/.

4. Excellent Employment

Guelph has among the lowest unemployment rate in Canada which is near 5%, and employers are diversified, stable and growing. There are several large corporate presences manufacturing including Linamar Automotive, Cargill Meats, and Guelph Tool, as well as public sector employment with the Ministry of Agriculture and The University of Guelph  – all which provide long-term stability and growth in Guelph.

3. Sustainable Housing Growth

Unlike some large Canadian cities like Edmonton, Vancouver or Toronto – the Guelph housing market has experienced and should continue to experience less volatile, more steady and stable growth over time.

2. Green Guelph

One of the feelings of pride in Guelph is the abundance of green space, parks, and trails. A few notables are the Speed River, Guelph Lake conservation area and the University of Guelph Arboretum. The Guelph community celebrates a culture of environmental preservation and sustainability while offering so much in ways of economic development and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. Check out OUR Mortgage Brokers Guelph Green Mortgage section just below for more info.

1. Lowest Mortgage Rates in Guelph

With a unique economic stability and long-term growth potential, a friendly and progressive culture and its inclusion in the GTA – there is so much that Guelph has to offer. Now with mortgage interest rates at historical all-time lows, owning in Guelph makes even more sense. Connect withUS, Mortgage Brokers Guelph for questions, custom mortgage information and a pre-approval.

Speciality Mortgages Guelph

 GREEN Mortgage Solutions Guelph

The Elora Environment Centre

The Elora Environment Centre is a one-stop resource that connects Guelph residents with energy, water, and waste conservation programs.  We as Mortgage Broker is pleased to work with this Guelph-based not for profit resource.

Take Charge Energy Savings Program Guelph

Get a home energy audit to help determine your most cost-effective energy retrofit investments, and help make your mortgage payments more effective.

Excellent Local Incentives

Including The Enbridge Winterproofing program, $2,500 Union Energy rebate and several more.

CMHC Green Rebate

If your mortgage in Guelph is CMHC insured, you may receive a refund of up to 10% of the premium for committing to energy efficient retrofitting.

Purchase Plus Improvements Guelph

Get back up to 10% of your home’s value in mortgage cash back for green retrofitting when purchasing a home without affecting your lowest interest rate.

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