Purchasing an investment property can be an excellent decision. They can provide portfolio diversification, long term stability, and an excellent return on investment. This said, most successful landlords will agree, that it’s not about simply ‘owning’ a property, but about rental property ownership done the right way. This is where WE come in.

Controlling Your Investment Property Mortgage Costs – is Just the Beginning

Over the past 7 years, WE have serviced the financing needs of hundreds of landlords, and our primary Mortgage Broker has direct ownership in several multifamily rental properties himself. From this, we have gained invaluable experience and information on how to lower mortgage costs and improve lender approval rates, so that you succeed most profitably and with more peace of mind, in your rental property investment.


A Mortgage Based Investment Property Consultant

Beginning with a strong foundation of knowledge in investment property mortgage financing, we are one of the few Mortgage Brokers that will help you develop an effective plan that looks at where you’re at now, and where you’d like your rental portfolio to take you over the long term. It is an integrative approach that looks at the big picture.

Financing is then strategically based around your goals to help provide you with the highest returns on investment. We also provide advice on specific rental investment strategies, tenant selection, property management, taxation strategies and estate planning. Whether you are looking to invest in Kitchener, Waterloo Cambridge London or Windsor, it’s all relevant, and all connected.

For each area, we address such questions as:

Rental Investment Strategies: What property type is best for you as an investor? How does rental property investing fit into your overall portfolio? How does it fit into retirement? Is there an exit plan?

Tenant Selection: How will you be selecting tenants? What tools will you use? How do you know that your tenant is more than likely to pay their rent on time?

Property Management: Will you be managing the property yourself? Do you have contacts set up to help you?

Taxation: Are you aware of what expenses you can deduct from rental income? Do you have a plan for lowering the tax on your capital gains profits?

Estate: Are you looking to protect your properties should you pass away expectedly or unexpectedly? Do you have kids or a spouse involved? Is your rental portfolio legally optimized for tax savings within your estate?

Get your answers to these questions and others. No other Brokerage offers this depth of service, at such low rates.

Lower Rates

More money in your pocket will help you achieve your goals, faster.

Next Steps: Process and Financing Strategy

Whether you are working on your first property, or already own 4, Altura’s efficient step by step process was designed with your comfort in mind. More than just ‘applying for financing’, we understand the adventure and even excitement that purchasing a rental property means. So let’s keep that going!

Step 1:

Browse our article to learn about rental properties.

Step 2:

Complete a pre-approval application online.

Step 3:

We will call you to discuss your financing options and your plan.

Step 4:

Find the right property for your plan.

Step 5:

We attain lender approval and email you the mortgage commitment for your inspection.

Step 6:

Answer any questions, and send you the final mortgage documentation to close the financing.

Are You Ready For Your No Obligation Pre-Approval?