Mississauga provides a great option to buy your first property in the GTA. Whether your working from home, driving or taking the go – you can find a good property for as low as $400,000 which for many dual income families of $50,000 each, is completely affordable.

How does Altrua come through with the best financing package possible? We are a company built by millennials, for millennials and we know that you have a lot of options when it comes to who you decide on who to handle your mortgage. We take your decision very seriously. We live and breathe our business, so that you get the best. Here’s generally what we have to offer

  • The guaranteed LOWEST rate. That’s right, Lower than True North Mortgage, Rate Hub, Canwise Mortgage or whoever you find. We will be at them and we won’t even ask you what you got offered. We simply come in at better rates and save you all the hassle.
  • The best FINE PRINT. We will never offer you a mortgage at the expense of excellent mortgage flexibility.  Get the most features and flexibility in Mississauga along with your great rate.
  • Service for life. The person who’s writing this, the owner of Altrua Financial, is a Mortgage Broker but also a Certified Financial Planner. Whereas other Certified Financial Planners focus on investments or life insurance, I focus on saving you the MOST over the life of your mortgage, I am therefore here to answer any questions, and for when there are changes to your mortgage structure down the road – whether it be a move, refinance, or your inevitable renewal date. You will ALWAYS save the most over time.

We invite you to apply today for what we think you’ll find to be the best mortgage experience in the GTA. We are information based, No hassle. No cost. No obligation.