Are you relocating or upgrading from one home, to a different home in Kitchener? This guide will help provide the next steps.

Whether you already live in Kitchener and are relocating within the City, or if you are moving from a different part of Canada or even another country, into Kitchener, the following will help you get your mortgage financing in order. As mortgage Brokers in Kitchener, we ensure your best savings and a pleasant, educational experience.

We start by looking at a down payment and where is this coming from? If you are selling one house to buy this one, check out our page here to read about how this works.

Next, we need to review your credit. Depending on your score, we will provide the best mortgage options available in Kitchener.

Finally, we review income to see how much mortgage you can qualify for.

We look at all the angles including new to Canada programs, self-employed programs, and if there was a credit hiccup we do everything possible to position your file most favourably to a bank or lender. Once you have a solid pre-approval, it’s time to find the right local realtor to help you make an offer.

Finding the right realtor in a competitive Kitchener mortgage and housing market is very important. They will work with us as your local mortgage broker Kitchener, to find the house that works best for you and we will ensure your financing is reliable for that competitive offer.

The Kitchener ‘dream team’ of your best finance and realtor will help to provide you with a pleasant, local experience with the best understanding of your needs and the local market. Connect with us today for a personalized meeting and your best result.