Fast, Reliable Private Financing is Available for Any Need

Low Document First Mortgages and Second Mortgages with the Best Rates and Terms

Private mortgages can come in the form of a first mortgage or second mortgage, and can be approved easily for those with enough down payment or home equity available.

For Home Purchase, Equity Take Out or Debt Consolidation:

  • We do not need to confirm income.
  • We do not need to scrutinize credit.
  • We do not need to

The focus is on getting it approved and funded quickly, at a fair rate and terms.

Why Work With Me?

I work with a network of direct private lenders, that cut out costs of ‘middle men’ and keep your rate and costs of borrowing as low as possible – far lower than traditional private lending and home equity loan companies.

We also work to ensure a good exist strategy, so that we can get you out of the private mortgage sooner than later and lower your cost of borrowing to help you get ahead – and stay ahead. As a Mortgage Broker with over 12 years experience, and Certified Financial Planner (CFP), I am committed to exceeding your expectation and working with you to ensure your best result.

Contact me today for a free, confidential and no obligation conversation.

Brent Richardson, Ontario Mortgage Broker

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