Comprehensive Financial Planning from a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) – Complimentary with Your Mortgage

Altrua Financial and Brent Richardson, CFP®, specialize in creating comprehensive Financial Plans for homeowners, or those looking to purchase a property, that help save on interest costs and income taxes, while providing a clear path to reach financial goals. 

While the mortgage rate and approval may be the initial focus, it is just one component of our expertise. Along with enhanced mortgage advice and product, we are equally committed to providing expert advice on:

  • Goals Planning

  • Investment Planning

  • Income Tax Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Education Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Estate Planning

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Each area of your finance affects one another, so when there is a change in your mortgage it will affect all areas of your financial life. An integrated approach to mortgage financing can help ensure your financial picture is working together, to its fullest potential

We do NOT sell life insurance or investments, so our advice remains unbiased and completely focused on your best result. Comparable ‘advice only’ Financial Plans, that do not charge investment sales commissions and high management fees (MERs), can easily cost $3000 – $5000. This same category of high level service is available to you when you complete your mortgage with Altrua Financial. We use advanced, industry leading financial planning software, SNAP Projections, to deliver an optimized plan, and explain your options in plain language you’ll understand and feel confident about. 

Why integrate a Financial Plan with your mortgage transaction?

The mortgage offers an excellent starting point to analyze your financial world:

  • The mortgage may be the biggest and most expensive aspect of your financial world. We regularly help clients comfortably pay off their mortgage 5-10 years sooner, and save $50,000+ on interest.
  • Mortgage repayment sooner is a primary financial goal for many. A Financial Plan can show you how to comfortably repay your mortgage faster, AND retire confidently with enough resources.
  • All financial documents/data that is required for a Financial Plan is also required by Banks/ mortgage lenders to approve the mortgage. Because we are already working with current, highly relevant mortgage approval data, this provides an efficient opportunity to go a step further with a plan.
  • There is a trust built when completing a mortgage, and this trust can extend to other areas of financial advice. No needing to visit multiple advisors when there is an established trust. Save time and simplify your finances by conveniently having all your questions answered from one ‘go to’ source.
  • Have someone in your corner to help you stay on track to achieve your goals, through market ups and downs and life changes.

Who may benefit the most from our service?

We have not seen any person that a financial plan did not bring some form of benefit to. Even if one idea is applied from our meeting, the results can be financially game changing. However we find the following clientele have seen the most immense benefits:

  • First time home buyers, self employed, rental property investors and homeowners approaching retirement whom are looking for a deeper understanding of planning to achieve a better long term result.
  • Those who rely on their Bank branch to provide financial advice, and are looking for financial options that are more personalized, complete, and effective.
  • Those with workplace benefits, such as defined benefit pension or RRSP matching programs, and do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest with a Wealth Management firm.
  • Do It Yourself Investors or ‘DIY’ Investors that are seeking personalized Certified Financial Planner guidance to help stay on track, without committing their investment portfolio to the Advisor.

What are the steps?

  1. Connect with Altrua
  2. We have a discussion to understand your mortgage needs, quote rates and offer initial mortgage strategies to consider.
  3. The full mortgage application is completed and documents needed to approve the mortgage are securely provided. Compared to standard mortgage approvals, there’s no additional time, effort, or cost on your part to benefit from our enhanced service.
  4. We offer a 1 hour financial planning meeting that you can book before, or after the mortgage closing. The benefit of booking the meeting before closing is we may offer enhanced mortgage options, in perspective of your overall financial picture and goals. The benefit of booking the meeting after is that you may be less focused on real estate/ mortgage and more open to a bigger picture review.
  5. We deliver the plan in plain language, thats easy to understand and implement if you so choose.
  6. We keep in touch long term, through online platforms and optional follow up meetings. You’re part of a community of Canadians that want to save on interest and taxes, and achieve financial peace of mind. We’ll help you stay on track even when life and financial markets throw curve balls.

What is the cost?

There is no charge for approved mortgage clients to receive a full featured financial plan.

This service is unique in the Canadian financial landscape as we aim to provide exponentially more value to our clients.

Advice is optional, there is no catch and much to gain.

What if I’m not looking for a mortgage right now?

  1. If you have Canadian mortgage business that you can tentatively commit to Altrua Financial in the future, we are happy to discuss a Plan.
  2. If you have no mortgage and do not desire a mortgage, we are still happy to meet with you and a fair, highly competitive fee can be negotiated depending on your needs.

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