Mortgage – and Buy – With Confidence.

At Altrua, our goal is not to only get you the absolute lowest rate mortgage, but to help make your home ownership dream an easier, simpler reality in every way possible.  To this extent, for our customers looking to buy we offer our Mortgage With Confidence Program:

  • Let us equip you with a strong and convincing mortgage pre-approval letter, that you can use to your advantage when making an offer on a home in a competitive situation.
  • Our mortgage pre approvals take a leap beyond the average pre approval document, to ensure to every extent possible – that your financing will be there, at the absolute lowest rates, when needed. Sellers love our attention to detail, and Confidence in your pre approval.
  • Our Mortgage With Confidence Program has been proven successful in hundreds of offer situations, to help our customers win the bidding war, by pleasing sellers and protecting your best interest

If you are not getting the best of rate, and every advantage possible on your home purchase, renewal or equity takeout, then contact us for a free no obligation conversation.