Looking to invest in Kitchener real estate? Here are just some of the reasons, benefits and resources that will help you.

As local a local mortgage broker in Kitchener, I have bought 4 comes in Kitchener to create a multi-property investment portfolio that is currently valued in excess of $2,000,000. When assuming almost $1,000,000 in mortgage debt over 10 years ago, this was considered to be a very risky maneuver – and truth be told there was and still is a risk to consider with real estate investing. However with the right understanding of the local market, growth plans and broader economic trends, I placed my bets on Kitchener real estate investing and it has paid off well for me and my family.

I now focus my time and energy on helping others form real estate investment strategies that place their interest first, while helping to mitigate risk. Specifically, we look at how to:

  • Lower interest rates
  • Increase borrowing on tax-deductible interest
  • Decrease borrowing on non-deductible interest
  • Pick the right property that has the potential for a cash flow increase.
  • Pick the right tenant for consistency of cash flow.
  • How to pick the best lender to expand your portfolio.

There are several variables to consider, and a lot of experienced-based value I can add as a local Kitchener mortgage broker and real estate investor.

I invited to connect with me at your convenience at brent@altrua.ca.

Brent Richardson, Principal Mortgage Broker

Altrua Financial Inc.,