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Top 10 Reasons To Get a Mortgage

And Own Property In Hamilton

At A, we view mortgages as tools that will help you live well in your own home while increasing your wealth substantially. The following is a list of reason that we think the local Hamilton economy and unique culture will prove this philosophy of mortgaging. A lower rate will only help improve your success in combination with all of these points.

10. Strength and Stability in the Housing Market of Hamilton

With relatively lower housing prices, purchasers are drawn in from more central parts of Greater Toronto Area. It is widely predicted that over the next five years, the strength of the real estate market will continue. The average home price is $433,249 in Hamilton compared to over $1 million in neighboring Toronto. Contact your Hamilton Mortgage Broker for a conversation that will save you thousands of dollars.


9. Excellent Higher Education: McMaster University and Mohawk College

Hamilton offers advanced research-oriented post-secondary schools that provide a quality stream of young educated workforce, many of whom will continue to call the area home, fuel growth and add to the richness of local community. Mohawk College is one of the largest Colleges in Canada. McMaster University is home to a top medical school with unique experience seeding Biotech companies to help promote local economic growth.



8. Comfortable Living Costs

The lifestyle is relatively affordable compared to other large Canadian cities including prices of food, gas, housing and other amenities. Hamilton Mortgage Brokers are helping with these savings as well by providing some of the lowest rates in Canadian history.

7. Excellent Employment Opportunities

Given its diverse and growing economy, there is no substantial shortage of employment opportunity in the area. This helps provide for stability in the housing market and a confident and content community spirit.


6. Engaging Community Activities

The community here is friendly with a ‘closer feel’ than in central Toronto. There is an endless stream of festivals like Steel City Jazz Festival to keep life here exciting, and something for everyone all year round.


5. Large and Growing Transit System

Home to one of the busiest transit corridors in Canada, with the intersections of several major highways and several direct routes to American borders – the transit infrastructure is undergoing continuous growth. Announced in 2015 was a $1 Billion dollar light rail transit system and an extra Go Transit Station to support population intensification and continued growth in Hamilton.


4. Top Canadian Real Estate Investment Area

For several years, Hamilton has been a strong leader for long term real estate investing in Canada. One of the largest studies comes from the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), which points to years of record breaking building permit growth, proximity to the US border and to Toronto as forces that will continue to propel values. A Mortgage Brokers Hamilton are happy to assist.


3. Culture and Recreation

Although close to Toronto, Hamilton is home to its own world class restaurants, live music scene and philharmonic orchestra. There are also several majestic parks, nature preserves and waterfalls just a few minutes’ drive from most areas of the City.




2. Voted Best City to Start a Business

In 2012 and 2013 Hamilton was voted the top city to invest by Site Selection Magazine. The agricultural sector alone generates $1.26 billion annually, contributing greatly to the local economy. Biotechnology and Advanced manufacturing will continue to lead growth trends for the housing market and into the next generation economy.


1.Innovation and Creativity

Putting it all together – Critical for long term appreciation is a local culture of continuous innovation and creativity. Hamilton is home to several innovation resources and Start-up Company incubators that work hard to bring future corporate and economic, and lifestyle vitality from the significant core reach facilities home to Hamilton.  Contact A, your the Best Mortgage Broker in Hamilton for more information.

Speciality Mortgages Hamilton

 GREEN Mortgage Solutions Hamilton

  • Green Venture`s Ecohome

A Hamilton community Green engagement and action resource promoting energy efficient retrofitted homes that save money and reduce the household carbon footprint. Contact Altrua, Hamilton Mortgage Broker for more information. Click here to visit Green Venture.

  • EnerGuide Energy Home Assessments

In partnership with Green Venture, provides Hamilton residents with a visual report to identify top areas in the home where an increase in efficiency will lead to savings on energy bills.

  • Union Energy and Enbridge Home Renovation Rebate and incentives

Get up to $2500 in rebates when replacing less efficient furnaces and air conditioners. Eligible Hamilton residents can also receive free draft proofing and insulation upgrades which can lead to a 30% reduction in home heating costs. There are several other incentives and free tools available.

  • CMHC Insurance Rebate

If your mortgage in Hamilton is CMHC insured, you may receive a CMHC insurance refund of up to 10% for committing to energy efficient retrofitting. Ask your Hamilton Mortgage Broker for more guidance on this.

  • Green Mortgage Hamilton

Receive up to 10% of the home purchase value in cash to fund money saving, energy efficient upgrades.

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