Altrua Comprehensive Financial Planning from a Certified Financial Planner

Unbiased, Objective Financial Advisor in Toronto Ontario

Free With Every Mortgage ($3000 value)

Imagine having a real financial plan that ties together and makes sense of your financial world. A plan that helps you repay your mortgage sooner while securing your retirement and other financial goals. A plan that minimizes your taxes and maximizes your options. A plan that puts you in control, with peace of mind and confidence. A plan that works for you.

In today’s financial world, the financial plan is often stigmatized as a medium to sell life insurance or investments. Banks typically offer no comprehensive financial plan, and investment dealer financial advisors often provide the minimum planning calculations to sell their investment products.

There are a few financial advisors in Canada, however, that focus on the financial plan foremost. The life insurance, investments and other product sales are by far secondary to the focus on the value of the core financial plan. These financial planners, however, typically charge $1800 – $5000 for a comprehensive financial plan.

The fees charged are of exceptionally high value due to the potential for many thousands saved, risk protected, and peace of mind gained.

Some of the better fee only financial advisors in Toronto include:

When you fund your mortgage with Altrua Financial, you receive this same kind of advanced, objective and comprehensive planning for free. 

A complimentary financial plan with Altrua Financial includes:

  • Cash Flow Analysis and Optimizing
  • Mortgage Freedom Planning and Debt Minimization
  • Retirement Projections and Pension Optimization
  • Income Tax Optimization
  • Education Planning
  • Risk Analysis

At Altrua we do not manage life insurance or investments. However, we can refer you to the best services we have found and work well with. You can rely on Altrua Comprehensive Financial Planning as a partner in your unique and ever changing financial needs.

Why do we do this?

We believe that everyday Canadians deserve access to the best financial planning. This is not something that should be reserved for only the rich. It’s a service that stems from our philosophy of business, which is Altruism, and our name, Altrua Financial.

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