Access Funds to Buy a Property Down South or Anywhere in The World

Do you have your eye on a vacation property or investment in a Southern destination or another part of the world? Buying in another country can be an excellent investment and can also serve as a good way to take vacations – all in the same package.

We can help provide flexible, affordable mortgage financing options for your property purchase down south.

One of the main options buyer would look at is accessing their home equity in their existing home. Then to use these funds to buy the property outright in a different country.

There are a few things to consider wen embarking on such a transaction, such as transferring larger amount of funds to other countries and laws surrounding purchases in other countries. So along with your financing decision, lets also ensure that you have the right legal advice from a qualified legal expert to ensure no issues with your goal.

Brent Richardson, Ontario Mortgage Brokers

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