Get Our Fastest Funding When the Clock is Ticking

Stop the Foreclosure Process or Cover any Other Urgent Need

When time is running out and every hour counts, lets work quickly and effectively to get you the money you need.

I have years of experience stopping foreclosures, and understand strategies that will speed up the funding process. The steps we would follow would resemble:

  1. Get you a pre-approval within minutes.
  2. We connect with your existing lender to inform them of our intention to pay them out.
  3. Order an appraisal right away.
  4. Finalize the approval within 24 hours.
  5. As the appraisal is completed, the lawyers are instructed immediately for a rush/ priority closing.
  6. The lawyers close the funding as fast as they can.

Even though we navigate quickly and efficiently through this process, we still ensure a proper strategy to help you obtain the lowest cost financing over time. So you’ll have peace of mind that this is a temporary solution to fix an urgent need. But that you will be set up for your best long term savings and lower costs of borrowing.

If you are facing a foreclosure or have another urgent financing need, contact me today and lets get this done.

Brent Richardson, Ontario Mortgage Broker

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