Altrua Financial is Seeking Full Time, Qualified Mortgage Agents

Our Mortgage Brokerage is customer first and future-oriented. This may mean that were different from other Brokerages, but for those who are well qualified, hard wokring and forward-thinking, it can also mean an enriching and highly rewarding career.

Looking to the future, there are certain things that will remain the same, and certain things that are changing. Our brokerage will help well-qualified Mortgage Agents excel from both of these perspectives:

What will remain the same?

  • Customers expect dedicated, timely, honest advice.
  • Customers expect to work with a mortgage expert, given that it is one of their largest transactions.
  • Much of your business will come from trusted referral networks – Friends and Family, Real Estate Agents and other Industry partners, and past clients.
  • Clients want to work with the same, trusted expert over the long term. This is a forward-moving, repeat business by nature.
  • This is a relationship-based, people-first business.

What is changing?

  • Given the pressure from retail Bank branches and online mortgage rates, customers are demanding more from Agents/ Brokers.
  • The future is NOT about providing excellent service, a great relationship, flexible fine print and mortgage solutions, or the lowest possible rate. The future is not about providing one, or some of these things – it is about providing ALL of these things, and more, in the best ways possible.
  • The traditional commission that brokers expect on their average file will be a thing of the past. Success in business will rely more on volume and genuine creativity and skill.
  • Working from a satellite office or highly secure home-based office is becoming the new norm.
  • Technology and process automation will become ever more influential and will be the fundamental catalyst in driving change in the industry.

Based on these legacy and future trends, at Altrua we can show you how to build a solid, rewarding business. We believe it’s better to plan and act proactively rather than reactively, and to this extent – we have the formula for your success.

In doing so, as a well-qualified applicant,  you can expect from Altrua:

  • The highest levels of training, mentoring and ongoing support.
  • A fun, positive and collegial team environment.
  • Assistance with documentation and file closing, so that you can focus on customer goals and needs.
  • Competitive commission splits that reflect your experience and the volume of mortgages that you are bringing in.
  • Substantial client leads to those who have proven their success with their own clientele, and sourcing business from referral partners. If you are good, you will get busy fast.
  • Free access to the latest in advanced mortgage technology and process efficiency included.
  • Free website.
  • Free CRM software.

Please note that we are not accepting part time Mortgage Agents and that only qualified applicants may see a response. To everyone who is considering this position, we thank you in advance for your interest.

If you believe you are well qualified and a fit for our model, please contact Principal Broker, Brent Richardson to discuss this opportunity.

Central mortgage broker office in Kitchener On.