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7 Step Simple Credit Repair Program

Improving Your Credit Score Isn’t Rocket Science…

Here are 7 simple steps to follow that will help get your score into great shape. Follow these steps on your own, or as you complete your mortgage funding with me, lets work together to get your credit score back into a position where the lowest rate mortgage lenders will be begging for your business. These steps have help to improve the credit of hundreds of Canadians, and taken together, are so powerful that even if they are followed slightly, will guarantee your success.

1. Why, exactly, is the score lower in the first place?

Although you may have a general idea of why your score is lower – for example, ‘I missed some payments’ – but what we are looking for here is what factors, exactly, are lowering the score.

2. What are the easiest changes to make, that will make the biggest and fastest positive impact on your score?
3. Given your current score, what are all the options available to tackle any current issue, can get your score set up for long term improvement?
4. What credit do we need to maintain, close, or open to set your credit up for maximum benefit.
5. What tools or habits can we form to ensure that the excellent foundation we have laid, has its best long term potential.
6. What kind of long term plan is in place?
7. What financial partners do you have to work with you to stay on track?